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"A Center for Religion in Public Life"

The Shuv Institute of Seattle, Washington, is a non-profit (501.c.3) educational organization that helps academic and Christian communities to study, understand, and respond to social issues and cultural conflicts in their respective vocational fields: medicine; law and politics; business and economics; science and technology; higher education; media and the arts; congregation and community life. Seattle


The Shuv’s Mission

BBuildings Our Mission is to investigate the engagement of religion in public life through research and analysis. Since its inception in 1989, the Shuv Institute has affirmed the legitimacy and relevance of scholarship pertaining to Judeo Christian values in mainstream culture. High quality, non-partisan and uniquely based research has always been the institute's hallmark.

Toward a Biblical Mind:

"The problem is not only to win souls but to save minds. If you win the whole world and lose the mind of the world you will soon discover you have not won the whole world. In deed it may turn out you have actually lost the world."
- Charles Malik, a Lebanese Christian

bullet On what basis do Christians evaluate and respond to the ideas which are shaping our society?
bullet Does the Bible have anything constructive to say on the controversial questions being debated today?

Encouragement for the Christian Mind:

The Shuv Institute provides a strategic Christian contribution to public debate at a time of rapid social and cultural change.

bullet The choice of subjects is influenced by intellectual currents and important developments both inside and outside the church.


The Shuv's Strategy

The Shuv service strategy is:

bullet to identify current and emerging issues confronting church and culture
bullet to identify and commission contemporary Christian thinkers to research and address church and culture issues in light of the gospel.
bullet to inform and empower Christian congregations to effectively engage a postmodern world based on the research of contemporary Christian thinkers.  The information and empowerment will be done through consultations, round tables, training seminars, reports, and networking.
bullet to develop a network of local leadership and a partnership among local churches, schools, and parachurch organizations.
bullet to hold local conferences with nationally respected and qualified speakers addressing specific professional needs.
bullet to develop resources and strategies to meet those needs.


The Shuv's Organization

The Shuv is managed by an executive committee and a board of Senior Associates. The Shuv also maintains a board of Consulting Associates and a panel of Senior Fellows who function on a project-by-project basis. Conference expenses and honoraria are funded through a combination of grants, gifts, and tuition.

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