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Sponsored by the Shuv Institute

1991-1992 "Creating a Different Future": a series of transdenominational focus groups led by Dr. Tom Sine; exploring the roots of, and the remedy for the enormous changes in our country and our culture; at the West Coast Sea Tac Hotel; approx. 25 participants.
Sept. 1992 "The Jesus Lectures: Images of Christian Living": a lectureship examining the significance of Jesus as a figure of history; Dr. Marcus Borg, the Major Presenter; at Immanuel Lutheran Church; 127 participants.
Mar 1993 "The Joy of Community: A Challenge to Technological Society": a spiritual roundtable with Dr. Marva Down, the Major Presenter; Dr. John A. Campbell, Dr. Joe Culumber, Dr. Gary D'Angelo, Dr. Dennis Hughes, Respondents; exploring how our technological society contributes to the loss of intimacy through our understanding, work, lifestyles and forms of worship; at University Presbyterian Church; approx. 125 participants.
Summer 1993 "A Summer City Seminar": a seminar offered in cooperation with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, designed to assist urban workers in developing a clear vision of the people whom the church seeks to reach and how to reach them; Staff: Rev. Alan Anderson; Dr. Joe Culumber; Dr. Donald Douglas; Rev. Viv Grig; Dr. Tom Pratt; Dr. Tom Sine; Rev. Dean Summers; at the Sunshine Inn, Union Gospel Mission; 38 participants.
Oct. 9, 1993 "Let Justice Roll: To Renew Faith and the Grassroots Quest for Peace and Justice in Our Communities": Judge W. James Ware, U.S. District Court for Northern California, Major Presenter; Dr. Jim Wallis, Washington, D.C.; Dolphus Weary, Director of Mendenhall Ministries, Mississippi; Judge Jerome Johnson, King Country Superior Court; Dr. George Bridges, University of Washington: Respondents; at University Presbyterian Church and the University of Washington, Kane Hall; approx. 700 participants.
1992-1993 "A Consultation on the Church in China": a three-day consultation and one-year follow-up visit with Dr. David Wang, from Hong Kong, exploring the political, economic and religious changes taking place in China and how those changes are impacting the Christian Church; at the Lutheran Bible Institute, Providence Heights; approx. 140 participants.
Apr. 9, 1994 "The Role of the Christian in Higher Education for the 21st Century": a spiritual roundtable assessing the collapse of Christian intellectual and cultural leadership within the mainstreams of American culture over the past half century; Dr. Stanley Matson, President, C.S. Lewis Foundation, Major Presenter; Dr. John A.Campbell, Dr. Tim Dearborn, Dr, Al Green, Dr. Orv Mosbo, Respondents; at University Presbyterian Church; approx. 75 participants.
1993-1994 "A Consultation on the Church in Africa": a consultation with Dr. John Lukyamuzi, from Uganda, addressing the political and economic changes taking place in Africa and the Christian Church as it adapts to the 'new Africa': at the Lutheran Bible Institute, Providence Heights; approx. 125 participants.
Oct., 1994 "Mothering the Church Among the Poor": a two-day seminar offered in cooperation with Northwest Urban Ministries confronting the urban challenges of ministry among the poor; with Rev. Viv Grigg, Dr. Joe Culumber, and Dr. Donald Douglas, Presenters; at Seattle Pacific University; approx. 80-85 participants.
1995 "A Consultation on Theological Education in Eastern Europe": a consultation with Dr. Joachim Drechsel, from Germany, involving faculty from the Department of Religion at Pacific Lutheran University and leaders from local churches, focusing on theological education under repressive governments in Eastern Europe during the lost forty years at Pacific Lutheran University; approx. 15-18 participants.
Spring, 1995 "A Concert of Prayer and Reconciliation": an all-day seminar and workshop which brought together leaders from different ethnic communities -- Native American, Korean, African American, Eastern European, and Anglo-American -- in a structured study and celebration of our respective differences; with a breakfast at Crista Ministries involving approx. 125 pastors and para-church leaders; a luncheon and afternoon session at First Presbyterian Church involving approx. 60-70; and an evening 'Concert of Prayer' at Seattle Pacific University led by Dr. David Bryant, involving approx. 1200 participants.
1995 "A Consultation on the Church in Germany": a consultation with Dr. Roselinde Paessler of Germany; focusing on the renewal movement in the Christian Church in Germany (especially East Germany) since the end of Marxist government; involving local pastors; at Overlake Christian Church; approx. 12-15 pastors and mission leaders.
July, 1995 "The Death of Materialism: Creating Hope for the 21st Century": a conference sponsored in cooperation with the Discovery Institute and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, exploring recent developments in biology and physics in relation to scientific materialism as a contemporary world view; Dr. George Gilder, Boston; Dr. Paul Vitz, New York University; Dr. John A. Campbell, Memphis University; Dr. Stephen Meyer, Whitworth College: Major Presenters; at Seattle Pacific University; approx. 135 participants.
Fall, 1995 "The Integrity of the Evangelical Tradition and the Challenge of Postmodern Culture": a series of three pastors' breakfasts and consultations in which a smaller, select group of pastors was brought together following the breakfasts for briefings and discussions on the topic of the church in a changing culture; at Crista Ministries; approx. 175 participants.
April, 1996 "Integrity in Business: Rethinking America's Social Mission -- Rekindling America's Common Good": a seminar offered in conjunction with Seattle Pacific University's School of Business and Economics; Dr. Richard Higginson, Professor of Ethics, Cambridge University, England; David Murray, Maine Consulting Firm, Blackburn, England (a division of the Hay Group in Washington, D.C. and New York); Dr. Richard Chewning, Professor of Ethics, School of Business, Baylor University, Waco, Texas: Major Presenters; at Seattle Pacific University; 36 participants.
Nov., 1996 "The Soul of the Firm": a seminar presented in cooperation with Seattle Pacific University's School of Business and Economics, exploring a provocative vision of Christian commitment to leadership in the world of corporate America; William Pollard, Chairman, ServiceMaster Corporation, Chicago, the Major Presenter; at Windham Gardens Hotel; 122 participants.
Feb. 11, 1997 "The Open Book Project": a consultation with Mr. Neil Crosbie, Chief Executive of the British and Foreign Bible Society; exploring the importance of the Christian faith as public truth in the context of contemporary culture, concentrating on four particular aspects of modern culture: the media, the arts, education, and politics, and resolving to plan a larger consultation later this year; with three of the Senior Associates of the Shuv Institute: Dr. Donald Douglas; Mr. Roger Lageschulte; and Dr. Norm Lund.
June 27, 1997 "Real Welfare Reform: A Theology of Work": a seminar exploring the current welfare debate and determining what remains to be done and the role religious groups should have in it; Dr. Marvin Olasky, Fr. Robert Sirico, and Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Major Presenters; at Seattle Crown Plaza Hotel; Co-sponsored with Discovery Institute; 131 participants.
July 9, 1997 "A Consultation on the Gospel and Culture in the Postmodern World": a consultation exploring the changing paradigm of the church in a postmodern context and strategizing how we may partner together to address these issues; Mr. Neil Crosbie, Chief Executive, British Bible Society; Dr. Martin Robinson and Dr. Colin Greene, Theologians in Residence, British Bible Society, Major Presenters; at World Vision, Federal Way, Washington; 21 chosen leaders representing Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and Vancouver, B.S. participating.
July 11, 1997 "A Seminar: Post-Modernism and Its Impact on the Church": explores where we've been, where we are and where we are going as Christians in a modern world; Dr. Martin Robinson, British Bible Society, Major Presenter; in cooperation with Fuller Theological Seminary, Seattle; Seattle Pacific University's Department of Religion and Division of Continuing Studies; at Seattle Pacific University; 46 participants.
July 12, 1997 "What's at Stake with Assisted Suicide": a panel of experts debate the impact of the U. S. Supreme Court's ruling and explore the social and ethical implications of assisted suicide; Dr. Edward Larson, University of Georgia; Rita Marker, International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force; John Lee, Board Members, Compassion in Dying, Major Presenters; co-sponsored with Discovery Institute, Intercollegiate Studies Institute; at Seattle Pacific University; approx. 40 participants.
April 23-24, 1998 "The Gospel as Public Truth in Western Culture": A consultation regarding the loss of identity and purpose among Christian denominations. Led by Dr. Les Steele, Seattle Pacific University; Dr. Larry Shelton, Western Evangelical Seminary, Portland; and Dr. Colin Greene and Dr. Martin Robinson of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Held at Seattle Pacific University; 29 participants and four observers.
Dec. 17-18, 1998 "The Open Book Project": A consultation emphasizing the need to test the claims of Christian faith in vigorous dialogue and debate and creative ways to facilitate that process. Led by Dr. Les Steele and Dr. Larry Shelton with major presentations by Dr. Colin Greene and Dr. Martin Robinson. Held at Seattle Pacific University with 31 participants.
Sept. 16, 1999 "Judeo-Christian Values and Our National Survival": This one day spiritual round table argues that the Judeo-Christian tradition is key to reviving America's culture in the 21st century. Rabbi Daniel Lapin was the major presenter. Held at West Coast Bellevue Hotel with 91 participants.
Oct. 13, 1999 "'Written on the Heart' The Case for Natural Law": This one day spiritual round table defends morality in a society that has forgotten that moral truth actually exists. Dr. J. Budziszewski, Professor of Government and Philosophy at the University of Texas was the major presenter. Held at West Coast Bellevue Hotel with 68 participants.
Nov. 18, 1999 "Their Blood Cries Out: The Missing Outrage Over the Persecution of Christians": This one day spiritual round table demonstrates that Christians and other people of faith are facing increased harassment, torture and even death, yet religious persecution remains low on the American public agenda. Dr. Paul Marshal, Academic Dean and Senior Fellows in political theory, Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, Canada was the major presenter. Held at West Coast Bellevue Hotel with 77 participants.
Jan. 26-27, 2001 "God After Communism: Breaking into the Public Square": After forty years of state atheism in the name of socialism, Eastern Europe is suffering a de-Christianization of public life. Since 1993, however, Christian Education has emerged as a stabilizing force in shaping the new culture. To investigate this state of affairs, this project brings together scholars from Russian, Latvia, Albania, Estonia, and Ukraine to explore new possibilities in reconciliation, business, education, politics, and media and the arts. The participants in this project and the countries they represent include the following: Donald Richman: "Challenges to the Church in Post-Communist Europe.", Dr. Arthur Ware, representing Durres, Albania: "Politics and the New Europe.", Vladimir Solpys, representing Russia: "Business in the New Eastern Europe.", Guntis Dislers, from Riga, Latvia: "Emergence of Christian Higher Education.", Dr. Skaidrite Gutmane, from Riga, Latvia: "Emergence of Christian Higher Education.", Roland Tonisson, from Tallinn, Estonia: "Ethnic Communities and Reconciliation.", and Vasyl Bosovych, from L'viv, Ukraine: "Christian Rebirth of the Media and Arts in Eastern Europe." Held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynnwood, Washington with 87 participants.